Maria-Magdalena Boureanu gave a talk in Aveiro

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magda_siteMaria-Magdalena Boureanu, Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Craiova, Romania [url01], gave a talk with the title “On some nonlinear problems with generalized operators and variable exponents“.
Abstract: We are concerned with existence, uniqueness, or multiplicity results for boundary value problems that arise in the framework of the spaces with variable exponent. More exactly, we investigate problems involving nonhomogeneous differential operators that can be particularized to both Laplace-type operators and mean curvature-type operators. Naturally, the study of a problem must be conducted in the appropriate space, and, since we intend to approach various problems with different conditions on the boundary, we will consider several Sobolev-type spaces, including the case where the exponent is anisotropic.

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